Smooth Strong Nutrition

Molecular precision means that the entire line has actives that can penetrate deeper into the hair fiber, without weighing it down.

Action and Result

Molecular Precision Strong Smooth Shampoo

Action: The active ingredients present in its formula have high molecular precision that will nourish the hair bulb deeply.

Result: Gentle and precise cleaning, without drying hair tips.

Strong Smooth Conditioner Molecular Precision

Action: Fights split ends and the frizz caused by them, sealing the cuticles of your hair.

Result: The result will be smooth, nourished, healthy and strong due to the high penetration of the actives in the hair fiber

Strong Smooth Mask Molecular Precision

Action: Incredible molecular precision that manages to penetrate deeper into the hair fiber, without weighing It down.

Result: It will penetrate the cortex of the wire, regenerating its entire structure. Complete nutrition.


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