Strong smooth

Straight hair with little volume with special nutrition needs. Fiber damages by the depletion of external actions.

Action and Result

Strong Smooth Shampoo

Action: Strengthening and replenishing formula of amino acids and proteins lost by the natural aging of the fiber, external aggressions and chemical processes.

Result: Gently cleanses the hair fiber providing strength and vitality, with unparalleled shine and texture through the high concentration of extra virgin coconut oil.

Strong Smooth Conditioner

Action: Promotes in-depth reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film with mirror-like shine and unrivaled texture with sun protection.

Result: Much more stronger smoothness, gently nourishes straight hair. Formula specially developed to fight excess volume and dryness.

Strong Smooth Mask

Action: Virgin coconut oil has energizing and rebuilding power with high-performance nutrition with molecular precision.

Result: Softness, satin shine, emollience and silky touch. Reinforces the scalp’s natural defenses making them stronger and more resistant.