More Volume

Action and Result

LuminoMax More Volume Shampoo

Ação: Much more volume, with natural movement. With capillary energy action and gentle cleansing that return the softness and shine of the hair

Resultado: Developed especially to increase the density of hair, nourish, repair and protect sensitized hair

LuminoMax More Volume Conditioner

Ação: Developed with very high technology and specially formulated with raw materials of very low molecular weight and increasing capillary density

Resultado: It penetrates more easily, acting in depth, with absolute nutrition, increased elasticity, exceptional shine and anti-oxidant power.

LuminoMax More Volume Mask

Ação: Sophisticated formula developed to maximize hair volume. High performance finishing. Detangles,
gives shine and movement.

Resultado: Penetrates the cortex more easily with a long-lasting result. Lightness, increased elasticity, intense shine and silky touch.