More Growth

Action and Result

LuminoMax More Growth Shampoo

Action: Promotes energy to sensitized hair, with anti-fall action; repairing and protecting hair.

Result: Its formula of very high performance, with state-of-the-art assets, provide softness, satin luster and emollience.

LuminoMax More Growth Conditioner

Action: Specially developed for hair with growth difficulties, it nourishes in depth. Anti-fall action with a soft and silky touch.

Result: Special formula with dermo-calming action. Raw materials with a high concentration of nutrients reinforce the scalp’s natural defenses.

LuminoMax More Growth Mask

Action: Molecular precision nutrition, with anti-fall action that fights split ends. Elasticity, shine and vitality with fortifying action.

Result: It strengthens the natural protein with raw materials of low molecular weight that acts in depth in the fiber without weighing it down.