Action and Result

LuminoMax Anti Dryness Shampoo

Action: Senbibly and gently cleanses sensitized hair. High performance formula, with Castor Oil, DPanthenol and 14 Amino Acids.

Result: Developed to recover the hair fiber damaged and dried by the action of time.

LuminoMax Anti Dryness Conditioner

Action: Special formula with state-of-the-art and high-performance actives with Castor Oil, DPantenol and 14
Amino Acids.

Result: Provides softness, satin shine and emollience. Long-lasting effect fiber texture

LuminoMax Anti Dryness Mask

Action: Anti-free radicals action that forms a protective film that strengthens the hair’s natural protein.

Result: Elasticity, mirror shine and vitality with fortifying action, solidifying the natural protective barrier. Replaces lost proteins and amino acids.