Age Ultra

Hair weakened and with loss of matter due to the action of time. no densification

Action and Result

Age Ultra Shampoo

Action: Formula replenishing amino acids and proteins lost by the natural aging of the fiber, and external aggressions and by chemical processes

Result: It gently cleanses the hair providing elasticity and vitality, with an unparalleled shine and texture through the replacement of cellular cement lost by the action of time

Age Ultra Conditioner

Action: Promotes in-depth reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film with a mirror shine and unparalleled texture with color protection.

Result: Formula specially developed to restore elasticity, densification and natural movement with a dermo-calming effect.

Age Ultra Mask

Action: Densifying action, anti-free radicals and strengthening of natural protein, forming a matrix for water retention in the hair, keeping it hydrated.

Result: The surprising texture between the gel and the cream, penetrates more easily, acting in depth in the fiber, without weighing it down.

Corrector Serum

Action: Developed especially to revitalize hair with loss of mass due to the action of time. It restores essential elements with a sophisticated shine and a soft, silky touch.

Result: In-depth reconstruction. Anti-free radical action. Returns elasticity and natural movement.


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