Explosion of Curls

Reveal, protect and treat curly hair. Increases the durability of curls.

Action and Result

Curl Shampoo

Action: Curls and provides volume, shine, silkiness and natural movement. Gently cleanses the fiber by replacing amino acids and proteins lost over time.

Result: Protects against drying and fading. Deeply recovers damaged hair, revealing and intensifying color.

Curl Forming Conditioner

Action: Specific formula to curl, add volume and produce curls. It enhances natural movement with anti-free radicals action. Replaces amino acids and proteins lost over time.

Result: Densifying formula that guarantees the increase in volume and the permanence of curls. Protects against drying and fading.

Curl Maker Mask

Action: Maximum Curls. Maximum volume. Specially formulated to form curls, it curls with sophisticated mirror shine and natural movement.

Result: Specially formulated to produce curls. With exceptional elasticity, surprising vitality, fortifying and pH neutralizing action.

Curl Activator

Action: Leave in specially developed for the production of curls with maximum volume. High performance to wind the fiber with natural balance.

Result: Soft and silky curls. It creates a film around the fiber that prevents the entry and exit of moisture ensuring maximum volume.

Behaved Hair

Action: Specially designed to reduce volume, eliminate frizz, promote intense shine and keep the fiber looking wet.

Result: Promotes nutri repair and densification of wires with mass replacement.