3 Minutes

All hair types with special nutrition needs. Promotes capillary rejuvenation and natural hair movement.

Action and Result

Energizing Shampoo

Action: It reinforces the natural defenses and neutralizes the pH of the scalp, with a dermo-calming action.
Protects against drying and fading.

Result: Corrects damage within 3 minutes of application. Deeply recovers the cellular cement lost by external aggressions.

Rejuvenating Conditioner

Action: Corrects damage within 3 minutes of application. Elasticity, silkiness and vitality with densification. Strengthens natural defenses.

Result: Replaces amino acids and proteins. Natural appearance, silky touch and mirror shine with super protection against drying and fading.

High Performance Mask

Action: Specially formulated to nourish in depth. Mirrored shine and natural movement. Exceptional vitality with fortifying and pH neutralizing action.

Result: Formulated with low molecular weight raw materials that penetrate deeper into the cortex with a long-lasting effect.


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