For the powerful, confident man who expresses masculinity, humanity and authenticity.

Action and result

Powerful Shampoo

Action: It performs a gentle cleaning and helps to strengthen the hair, beard and mustache against hair loss.

Result: Combats excessive oiliness. Deeply recovers the natural texture of the hair and hair in a healthy way, promoting vitality and vigor from root to tip.

Powerful Conditioner

Action: Recovers the natural texture of the hair and hair, strengthening the hair, beard and mustache against hair loss.

Result: It enhances the restoration of the wires giving softness and a lot of shine. With a rich and emollient texture, it detangles and provides malleability to the wires, donating nutrients.

Powerful Matte Effect Ointment

Action: It regenerates, aligns and strengthens the strands, offers natural shine, softness and intensifies the color of hair with medium hold, making it easier to comb and maintain the hairstyle throughout the day

Result: Incredible anti-Frizz effect, rich in assets that moisturize and fight hair loss. Excellent choice for a sculpted and aligned hairstyle.

Potent Powerful Wet Effect

Action: Sophisticated and energetic formula with powerful assets. With it you model the hairstyle and finish the look naturally without leaving residues.

Result: Prevents hair drying and strengthens the wires with assets that fight hair loss. Excellent choice for a more casual hairstyle with soft hold.

Powerful Web Effect Ointment

Action: It has high fixing power allowing you to define and fix your hairstyle naturally.

Result: Helps to control frizz. Moisturizes, restores, provides shine and fights hair loss. Excellent option for styling hairstyles after dry brushing with its web effect.

Powerful Gel Ointment

Action: Sensational gel effect with extra strong fixation with long duration, low molecular weight raw materials acting in depth in the fiber without making it heavy.

Result: Wet shine, anti-frizz, elasticity, vitality with fortifying action, solidifying the hair’s natural protective barrier.

Powerful Energizing AntiFall Tonic

Action: Developed to stimulate the natural growth of wires and help with hair loss. It has a mix of assets rich
in Nutrition, Hydration and shine.

Result: It stimulates the strengthening of hair strands, beard and mustache, as it acts directly
on the follicle.

Powerful Hair Perfume

Action: Sophisticated formula, neutralizing cigarette smoke, pollution and frying. For the man with a sporty, serene and assertive soul that stands out as the main element.

Result: Perfect to use at any time of day. It guarantees unparalleled shine and silky feel.