Anti Fall

Vitamin compound with eleven innovative actives. It has the power to regenerate the wires, treating from the medulla to the cuticle, the result is an intense repair.

Action and Result

Anti-Fall Shampoo

Action: It has in its formula ginger roots, active responsible for increasing the blood circulation of the scalp, stimulating hair growth.

Result: Stronger hair with healthy growth without hair loss.

Anti-Fall Conditioner

Action: The conditioner will help to internally repair the weakened hair fiber.

Result: Restoration of the hair’s natural strength, thus providing hair growth.

Anti-Fall Mask

Action: Innovative formula, with eleven super actives chosen to prevent hair loss.

Result:Contains pea bud extract, which contain a large amount of iron, zinc and potassium that envelops the fiber, keeping hair strong and vibrant.

Anti-Fall Crystallizing Polishing

Action: Anti-Hair Loss Polish is a vitamin compound that will take care of the health of the length and tips of your hair.

Result: It prevents breakage, and thus, allows it to grow healthy.