Age Ultra Collagen

Moisturizing and regenerative action that will leave your hair lighter, shiny and increasingly hydrated and full-bodied. Rejuvenated and strengthened hair.

Action and Result

Age Ultra Collagen Shampoo

Action: The collagen present in its formula will rejuvenate the scalp, promoting natural and healthy hair growth.

Result: More strength and resistance to your fiber. Rejuvenated and strengthened hair.

Age Ultra Collagen Conditioner

Action: The concentrated collagen conditioner will act as an agent that will create a protective film.

Result: It makes the hydration last longer, thus protecting the wires against daily aggressions.

Age Ultra Collagen Mask

Action: The hydration mask has in its formula a high concentration of Collagen with moisturizing and regenerative action, it will act by creating a protective film around the hair fiber

Result: Protects hair from the action of the sun, dryer, flat iron and wind. Returning vitality and youth to the hair. The result will be youthful and healthy hair.


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