Sensational Curls

Define curls by increasing their volume and giving them natural movement.

Action and Result

Sensational Curls Shampoo

Action: Gentle cleaning with maximum protection against drying. Shine with a soft touch.

Result: Maximum volume with nourishing repair and energetic action. Detangles, gives shine and volume with anti-free radicals action

Sensational Curls Conditioner

Action: Conditioner with maximum capillary energy action. Protects against drying. Sophisticated and
luxurious formula.

Result: Long-lasting result. It promotes a protective film that prevents the entry or exit of natural moisture. Soft and silky touch.

Sensational Curls Mask

Action: Prevents the appearance of split ends. Promotes natural movement and maximum volume with thermal protection action.

Result: Protects against drying. With nourish repair and capillary energy action. Untangles, shines and moisturizes. Long-lasting result.