Magic Potion

All types of hair fiber with any type of damage regardless of the causative agent. Cell cement recovery formula.

Action and Result

Shampoo Magic Potion

Action: Gently cleanses the fiber with replenishment of essential elements. Developed especially to nourish, repair and protect sensitized hair.

Result: It promotes natural, sensorial, soft and silky movement with fiber rejuvenation. Prevents the appearance of split ends and balances the pH of the scalp.

Magic Potion Conditioner

Action: Formula replenishing amino acids and proteins lost by external aggressions and chemical processes. Returns natural movement, elasticity and shine.

Result: Hair with unparalleled shine, silky texture, with mass replacement and cell cement reconstruction.

Enchanted Mask Magic Potion

Action: It promotes surprising vitality, mirror shine with rejuvenating and anti-free radical action.

Result:Amino acid and protein replacement formula, intensifying natural movement and color.
High performance sunscreen.