Developed especially for oily hair at the root and dry at the ends, in addition to preventing the appearance of split ends and hair degeneration by chemical processes.

Action and Result

LuminoMax Shampoo

Action:  Gently cleanses the fiber with replenishment of essential elements. Promotes natural movement and
soft, silky sensory with fiber rejuvenation.

Result: Developed especially to nourish, repair and protect sensitized hair. Prevents the appearance of split ends and balances the pH of the scalp and fiber.

LuminoMax Conditioner

Action: Replacement formula of amino acids and proteins lost by external aggressions and chemical processes

Result: Hair with unparalleled shine, silky texture, with mass replacement and cell cement reconstruction.

LuminoMax Mask

Action: It has a high concentration of nutrilipids. Promotes incredible hair energy action with intense shine and silky texture.

Result: It promotes elasticity, silky texture and cell cement reconstruction, intensifies the reconstruction of the hydrolipidic film and fiber lipo-texturization.

Leave-in  Lumino Max

Action: Finisher, without rinsing, with a formula specially developed to protect the fiber from the high temperatures of the straightening iron, the dryer and the mechanical brushing process.

Result: It has third generation thermal protector and sunscreen. Returns natural movement, elasticity, shine and soft touch with substantivity

Multipurpose Thermoprotector

Action: Highly sophisticated product. Developed with high technology silicones to protect the hair from the action of the high temperatures of the straightening iron. It has a high performance sunscreen.

Result: Protects the hair from the action of the high temperatures of the iron. Wraps the wire
in a protective film that prevents the entry or exit of the moisture in the hair.

Corrector Serum

Action: Sensational high-performance finisher. It has coconut oil and avocado oil in thermoactive action.
Protects from the high temperatures of the straightening iron.

Result: Returns natural movement with energizing action. It has low molecular weight raw materials and high fiber penetration with a long-lasting effect.