We answer your biggest questions about our BTX

Our BTX are excellent and our favorites, but that doesn’t stop you from having a lot of questions about them. Correct?4

Does it contain formaldehyde or not? What types of chemicals is it incompatible with? Does it fade the wires? What is the best?

We know that these are some of the biggest questions you have today regarding our BTX and we are going to answer them now. DOES IT CONTAIN FORMAL OR NOT? None of our products contain formaldehyde in their composition, whether they are our BTX or our Progressives.

WHAT TYPES OF CHEMICALS IS IT INCOMPATIBLE? Valuing not only the quality of our products, but the health of your hair, we are always carrying out quality and compatibility tests. Our BTX are incompatible with: Guanidin, Thioglycolate, Metallic Tinctures, Henna and Henna.

But regardless of whether or not your strands are chemically treated, always perform a strand test before applying the product to the length of your strands.

<strong>DOES IT FADEDS MY STRANDS?</strong> Our BTX can only slightly change the shade of your strands, but many of our customers tell us they love the new shade. But if you want to keep the tone of your threads the same, carry out – after 15 days and a strand test – the maintenance of your color.

If your strands are blonde – or with highlights – you can opt for our Azure with an exclusive Probelle tinting formula.

WHICH IS BEST? ALL! Depending on the health of your threads, they will adapt to their needs, resulting in smooth and healthy threads for much longer.

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