Hair color fading fast? Learn how to fix your color longer

Healthy hair with the color of dreams makes a difference in our self-esteem. Is not it?

Therefore, regardless of the chosen tone, be it black or platinum, care must be taken routines so that the tone remains with the glow and health you always want.

With these 8 tips, we guarantee that regardless of the color you choose, you will not only the tone of dreams, but the health of the threads up to date. TIP 01: First of all, care should start even before coloring the strands, so follow the Hair Schedule correctly. Healthy, hydrated hair guarantees better color fixation on your strands, because your hair cuticles will be closed, ensuring good color fixation – and for much longer.

TIP 02: The hot water that many of us love is not healthy for our hair. While cold water keeps our cuticles closed, hot water opens them and dries out the hair. The result is hair that fades faster.

TIP 03: Specific products for hair with chemicals are very important to maintain the tone and health of the strands. Avoid frequent anti-residue and deep-cleansing shampoos, as they open the cuticles of the threads and can help with the fading of your threads or with the faster appearance of the natural tone of your threads at the root.

TIP 04: Oils are your best friends, use and abuse them. Capillary wetting will keep your strands healthy, keeping the tone of the strands much longer.

TIP 05: Straightening iron and dryers are practical, but they do dry out your hair if you don’t use them without a good Thermal Protector.

TIP 06: Summer is the favorite season of many, but know that it can help dry your strands, which will result in not only dull hair with double spots, but also faded by the action of chlorine, the sun and the sea water salt. Leave-in with sun protection is indicated for all seasons of the year, but in summer they are essential.

TIP 07: Toner is a good friend among colors. They maintain the color of your threads, in addition to maintaining the shine and health of your threads.

TIP 08: Don’t radicalize too quickly. When in doubt, go slow and with the help of a professional. He will know how healthy your strands are and how much they can handle, so you won’t end up with rubbery or elastic hair.

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