Blond hair, in any season, is known for the demand for care it requires. However, now in summer, due to greater exposure to pool and sea water, in addition to rising temperatures, these precautions must be redoubled to avoid damage such as breakage, stains, dryness, etc.

So how to take care of hair this summer? To keep you away from these problems and keep your hair impeccable in the hottest season of the year, we’ve brought you 5 tips for you to enjoy carefree summer.

1-     Use products with sunscreen daily

Blonde hair is more sensitive to the oxidizing action of the sun’s rays, so to prevent the strands from becoming dry and dull, it’s important to use Probelle Nutritive Repair, Probelle TermoAtivado or Probelle Multi Use daily, especially before swimming in the pool and sea. This product protects the hair from the high temperatures of the dryer, straightening irons and has a high-performance sunscreen in its composition, in addition to argan oil and pracaxi, not to mention the delicious smell that stays in the locks!

2-      Intensify hydration and nutrition, especially when going to the beach

At this time, it is also important that the treatment routine is intensified, in order to replace the water and nutrients that are removed by the action of the sun, salt water and swimming pool. A great ally for extra care with your hair is the Lumino Max line, which includes shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave in, multipurpose thermoprotector and correcting serum. The results promise unparalleled shine, silky texture, mass replacement, cellular cement reconstruction, pH balance of the scalp and fiber, in addition to preventing the appearance of split ends.

3-      Invest in hair reconstruction

If you have blonde hair, you are familiar with the word “reconstruction”, as it is an indispensable ally in hair care, especially in the summer. Chemicals, added to these external aggressions, cause deep damage to the hair, so you can’t relax in care in this regard. To help you, Probelle has Maximum Keratin Load, which promises and delivers EVERYTHING: replacement of hair mass, fiber restructuring, cuticle sealing, strength and elasticity, and MUCH MORE!

4- Leave the straightening iron, the dryer and the curling iron a little aside.

The excess heat caused by these tools damages the wires and is not recommended at any time of the year, but in the summer this is exacerbated by the fact that the wires are more sensitive. To further prevent the dryness and fading of the locks, it is necessary to forget about this habit a little, let the hair dry naturally and bet on more relaxed and natural hairstyles. If you still choose to use these products, don’t forget tip No. 1: the Thermal Protector mentioned in the first topic.

5- Don’t forget the shading

In addition to all the damage that dryness caused by salt water can bring, blondes should still be concerned about changing the color of dyed hair, which can turn yellow. To avoid this and maintain the original tone of the hair, it is necessary to invest in matting products, with violet or gray pigment. Probelle has a SILVER shampoo and tinting mask, which standardize blondes and eliminate yellowing, replacing amino acids and proteins lost by external aggressions and chemical processes.