Shader Shampoo

Specially developed to eliminate oxidation and platinum blonde, streaked or gray hair. In addition to deeply replenishing Amino Acids and Keratin.

Action and Result

Silver Toning Cream

Action: Lock platinum. Treats and shines with exclusive technology with a three-dimensional effect.

Result: Eliminates the yellowing caused by the oxidation of the sun, replacing it with a sophisticated platinum tone

Gray Toning Cream

Action: Maximum performance gray toner, sun protection from UV rays.

Result: Third generation gray with unique three-dimensional technology.

Marsala Toning Cream

Action: Luxurious high-performance marsala toner. Maximum concentration of third generation dyes.

Result: Sophisticated red tone with shine, silky touch and anti-free radical action.

White Toning Cream

Action: Amazing snow white tint. Immediate long-lasting effect.

Result: Sensational white tone with mirror shine, soft touch and long-lasting effect.


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