Probelle Hair Perfume: Fragrance that lasts all day.

Essential Hair Elegance Gold

If you are passionate about perfumes and want to prolong the feeling of freshness and perfume in your strands, try a hair perfume! PROBELLE COSMETICS presents a line of hair perfumes that offer a unique experience for your hair, with incredible fragrances and exclusive benefits.

Developed with the intention of perfuming the hair strands with a long-lasting effect and neutralizing the bad external odors of everyday life, indicated for those who want to have scented hair.

The HAIR PERFUME BY PROBELLE COSMETICOS is composed of a powerful combination of fragrances, which promote a unique and lasting sensation on the hair. ESSENTIAL HAIR ELEGANCE GOLD combines lavender with the luminous vibrancy of black pepper from Madagascar, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant fragrance.

The ESSENTIAL HAIR HAIR MIST offers a citric essence that combines notes of bergamot, fresh pineapple, nutmeg, violet, papaya, jasmine, musk, amber and green tea, providing a sensation of freshness and lightness in the hair.

For those who like oriental floral fragrances, the ESSENTIAL HAIR DESIRE FREE is a great option. With notes of bergamot, tangerine, pink pepper, flower petals, gardenia, cotton candy, sandalwood, white musk and vanilla, this fragrance is powerful and enveloping.

In addition to these, for men with a sporty, serene and assertive soul that stands out as the main element, which results in the male fragrance of the PODEROSO line.

In addition to offering incredible fragrances, HAIR PERFUME BY PROBELLE COSMETICS also help to maintain hair hydration, leaving it softer and brighter.

One of the great benefits of capillary perfume is the possibility of having fragrant hair all day long, without the need to wash them. In addition, the fragrance of hair perfume can help mask unpleasant odors, leaving your hair smelling fresh for longer.

But there are countless other benefits for you, who want to become passionate about < strong>HAIR PERFUMES. So come with me, and I’ll show you some!

  • There are several additional benefits of using hair perfume that go beyond the feeling of freshness and lasting perfume in the hair.
    Combats unwanted odors: Hair perfume can be a great option for those who want to fight unwanted odors in their hair, such as the smell of cigarette, smoke or pollution. In addition to leaving hair fragrant, capillary perfume helps to mask these odors.
  • Relaxation and well-being: The fragrances present in hair perfumes can have relaxing properties and help relieve stress and tension. Therefore, using a hair perfume can be a great option to relax and feel calmer.
  • Self-esteem: When we feel perfumed, our self-esteem can increase and we feel more confident. Hair perfume can be an option to help raise self-esteem and feel more confident in your everyday life.
  • Subtle perfume: Hair perfume offers an option for those who want a more subtle and discreet perfume. While traditional perfumes can be more intense, hair perfumes offer a softer and more delicate fragrance.
  • Practicality: Using a hair perfume is practical and easy. Just spray it on your hair and that’s it, you’re already perfumed. It’s a great option for those who want to perfume themselves without having to carry a traditional perfume bottle in their purse.

Try the line of PROBELLE COSMETICS HAIR PERFUME and transform your hair into a real scented work of art!

Hair Perfume Probelle: fragrância que dura o dia todo.
Probelle Cosméticos Hair Perfumes

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