Hair loss – What causes it and how to treat it

Controlled hair loss is not a sign of concern, as daily loss of 60 to 100 strands is normal, as it has cycles of growth, rest and loss. When the fall is accentuated, it is a problem that needs to be investigated and taken care of. Usually the cause can be related to several reasons, such as anemia, stress, post COVID-19 malnutrition, among others.

As a good connoisseur of our bodies, we can observe some of the most common causes for this problem, but the exact reason can only be diagnosed by your dermatologist. The lack of vitamins and nutrients is one of the most common reasons that increase hair loss and impair the hair growth phase.

Another villain that causes the onset of hair loss is well known among women: hormonal changes, which can occur at different times in life, such as adolescence, when starting a new contraceptive method or even during or after pregnancy.

The most serious cases of hair loss can occur due to the use of chemical products, in excess or not, indicated for a certain type of hair. Chemical cutting is a very common consequence, and to avoid it, it is IMPERATIVE that before the procedure the wires are properly evaluated, and preferably by a professional.

How to prevent hair loss

There are some precautions that must be taken to avoid this problem that we fear so much, and which is so inimical to self-esteem. To help keep your scalp and hair healthy, it’s important to try to have a balanced and healthy diet and keep your exams up to date and consult your dermatologist regularly. Sharp falls should always have the help of a professional in the treatment.

More care when untangling the hair, avoiding tight hairstyles, washing the hair regularly (not forgetting to massage the scalp) and avoiding hot water are some of the actions that can temporarily inhibit hair loss.

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